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ECO products by SRIRETURNS

This season ECO products are targeted towards having comfort in an ecologically friendly way and addressing important current issues.

MyEuropeStore is an e-commerce website designed to promote global awareness towards issues that we consider your participation.  We find this important and urgent in order to help safeguard economic growth, rights of existence and generally accepted human values.

The ECO products for this season are:

  • Radio 5 in 1 – Panther, by PowerPlus. A multifunctional 5-in-1 product that can be charged with a swivel, solar or USB port.
  • Flashlight Exclusive Waterproof Shark, by PowerPlus – Waterproof an immensely powerful flashlight. Exciting and rechargeable.
  • Outdoor light with motion detector – led white – white by Brennenstuhl – The 80 LEDs of this powerful outdoor light on solar power automatically turn on motion detection. Generate and use sustainable energy with this lamp
  • Heater fan by Ecosavers. Efficiently deal with heating energy. The nice thing about this fan is that the heat of the stove causes this battery-free fan to run automatically. The warm air is then blown evenly through the room and warms the room quickly.
  • Delhi Shoulderbag – Brick Lane by Ragbag. This beautiful bag has a large box with a smaller compartment, sealed with Velcro strap, and is made of recycled plastic from the streets of Delhi
  • Correctbook Notebook A4 linked – This spiralblok ruled writing pad, is offered in 2 different sizes from the popular A4 format to the child friendly A5. It includes all accessories to make it a full-time companion including 50 reusable whiteboard pages that can be cleaned with a sponge or even rough paper. As you purchase one the manufacturer is committed to donating a Correctbook to a child in a developing nation.
  • WakaWaka Power 10. It converts solar energy into battery power at maximum efficiency. Is also able to be charged through regular electric outlets from the grid. The product provides 3 USB ports possibilities which provides an average smartphone charge 5x. WakaWaka will donate a WakaWaka light to needed families in selected communities in Africa with the purchase of a WakaWaka Power 10 product, a solar power LED flashlight that helps provide 34 hours of bright light after a single day in the sun.

World Economic Forum Insight Report

  • The Global Risks Report 2017 12th Edition  (PDF)
  • The Global Risk Report 2017 Summary (YouTube)
  • and the Global Risk Report 2017 – Debate (YouTube)

World Economic Forum site – Press release

 ECO products helping people see WakaWaka’s Mission